venerdì 22 marzo 2013

Quote of the week! (#15)

Quote of the week!

Riporterò in questa rubrica settimanale del venerdì una citazione random di libri che ho letto o sto leggendo!

"Madame Lefoux and I are traveling to Italy, for my low spirits, you understand."
"Oh dear, but, Alexia, you do realize" - Ivy lowered her voice to a whisper - "that Italy is where they keep Italians! [...] I understand that Italy is the place vegetables come from -all that weather. Terribly bad for the digestion - vegetables".
[...] "I remembered that awful thing I had heard about Italy." Ivy dabbed at the corner of one eye with her handkerchief in an excess of sentiment. "What I heard... Oh, I can hardly speak of it... I heard that in Italy they drink" -she paused- "coffee".

Blameless - Gail Carriger  

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  1. oddio devo leggerlo!!! non l'ho preso ancora, volevo aspettare l'uscita italiana(pare aprile/maggio...)Anche perché devo ancora leggere changeless cosa sto aspettando? boh non saprei:)

    1. Leggilo leggilo! Ti farà morire dalle risate! :DD